Tenka Muteki
♡ ZyLuna ♡
"We all wish to have true freedom in our lives."

I think this can result to my night of fun with Nikki, Bailey, and everyone else that was in Nikki’s tinychat \o/.

Noiz looks like he’s been training with his bunny cubes to become a member of a circus LOL. Aoba really enjoyed that little entertainment he put on (especially later on after the bunny cube acts ohohoho).

Ahhh I love these two and their cosplays ; w; //tosses hugs and hearts at them

Also it was nice seeing/meeting and/or talking with the few that I just suddenly became friends with so fast or haven’t talked with for awhile now 8D;.

//whispers also thank you for all the derping around, laughs, and bootiful faces it cheered me up <33